Making Festival Playlists in Preparation for Festival Season*

Last week the sun finally graced London with it’s presence, and it sorta started to feel like Spring had, well… sprung (let’s not think about where the sun is currently hiding)! That means festival season is creeping up on us, so I’ve started making festival playlists to get me in the mood! I’m the kind of person that usually listens to albums from start to finish religiously, if I love an artist I’ll make a playlist that is exclusively all of their albums back to back and when I’m in the mood I’ll listen to it all the way through. However, I’ve heard from a lot of friends that they like to make dedicated festival playlists with some of the tracks they’re particularly looking forward to seeing live for the first (or sometimes hundredth) time, so this year I tried it…

At home I’ll listen to music through Spotify on my iPad mostly (honestly one of the handiest things I’ve ever owned for easy music listening and film watching!), but there’s only so loud a laptop or tablet can go, so having the right kind of speaker to play my music loud on, is always a bonus – especially if it’s wireless (ya wanna take those speakers out into the garden too eh – did someone say summer garden parties and BBQ’s?)! I currently have a very cute little light up Goodmans LED Cube Speaker, that does the job, but when there’s lots of people around I would love something a bit more powerful, like one of the snazzy Panasonic Wireless Speakers which I’ve got my eye on!

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The first festival I’m off to this year (which is just under a month away) is Slam Dunk, so with that in mind I’ve started making a playlist of some of my faves… Ft. Jimmy Eat World, PVRIS, Lower Than Atlantis, Every time I Die, Creeper and Twin Atlantic. Safe to say making festival playlists has certainly got me excited for it to come around, think I’ll have to make a playlist for each of the festivals I’m going to now! If you’re a festival goer do you make playlists to get yourself “in the mood”?

I’m in the process of writing a round up of last years festival escapades (I went to 10!) aswell as what fields I plan to spend time in this year listening to live music! But for now for anyone curious, I’m heading to: Slam Dunk (South), Boomtown Fair, Electroland, Blissfields, Brighton Pride, Download and Reading! With a possible few extra day festivals thrown in for good measure… A pretty eclectic mix of genres, from mainstream Pop, to Rock and Metal, to Dance and Drum & Bass. Every festival has a totally different vibe. Just how I like it.

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