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Oh hey, I’m Luisa-Christie and this is luisachristie.co.uk – my colourful little corner of the internet.

Born at the end of September 2015 I started this blog as a way for my family & friends in Brighton to keep up with the things I get up to since moving to the capital. And it transpired that blogging is pretty fun and London is a brilliant city to discover new places, and meet awesome new people (& brands).

I am always on the lookout for new and interesting things to try, in and around London (or Brighton, or further afield?). Whether it’s something delicious (and Vegan) I need to taste, the launch of a new and exciting brand/bar/restaurant, or a unique immersive pop-up experience.

For general enquiries, collaboration/partnership ideas, event invites, travel ops or product send outs, please email me. I’m happy receiving products / samples, or attending events if I think it fits within my blog.


Scroll to the bottom of this page to check out the list of brands I have collaborated with in the past, I’ve been in the press too! Giving Veganuary tips in the Metro, and pictures of me modelling for Hello Kitty/Primark in the Sun

Please note: I will always be completely honest – if I have worked with a brand on a paid post, the title will be marked with a [*], similarly if I have been sent a product or invited to do a review I will disclose this in the post. Sending me a product or inviting me to an event does not guarantee I will be able to blog about it.  However I always endeavour to post about everything on my socials.

The Canvas Cafe Brick Lane London

Brands I’ve collaborated with:



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