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Oh hey, I’m Luisa-Christie and this is luisachristie.co.uk – my colourful corner of the internet. Let me tell you a bit about me…

This blog was born at the end of September 2015 I started this blog as a way for my family & friends in my hometown of Brighton to keep up with the things I get up to since moving to London to follow my career dreams: working in the music industry, after 5 years working on the frontline of Marketing Campaigns I’ve launched my own Influencer Marketing consultancy business Loud Cat Social. (More info about my professional experience can be found in my UnderPinned portfolio).

Alongside the above, I’ve become much more creative in the 5+ years I’ve lived in London, and run an instagram account with 16k+ followers where I work with a plethora of brands. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting vegan-friendly & cruelty-free products, or events/experiences to attend in and around London, Brighton, and further afield if it suits the topics I cover.

For all enquiries: collaboration/partnership ideas, event invites, travel ops or product send outs, please email me with the information.


You might have seen me in the press too! Talking about Influencer Marketing in a Covid world in Vice, part of giving Veganuary tips in the Metro, and modelling for Hello Kitty/Primark in the Sun.

Please note: I will always be completely honest in anything I post – if I have worked with a brand on a paid post or the post contains PR products, or an event invite, etc, the title will be marked with a [*]. Within the post I will disclose more information.

I am not able to take on all paid partnerships or press gifting I am offered, and I’m afraid sending me a product or inviting me to an event is not a guarantee I will be blog about it. However I do my best to post about as much as possible on my instagram story, follow me at @luisachristie

Luisa-Christie Pink and Blue Mermaid Hair



Welcome to luisachristie.co.uk

Welcome to luisachristie.co.uk

your queer, plus size, vegan pal 💜

a lifestyle blog, with a colourful & alternative edge... Covering: vegan & cruelty-free food / drinks / products, live music / festivals / travel (inc. adventures with mum), and self love & body confidence... to name a few.

Usually found befriending animals (especially cats)



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