Venturing back into the Blogosphere… again!

After 2 years (!) away (almost to the day, geez), it is time to relaunch my colourful little corner of the Internet, and venture back into the Blogosphere! A place I will, as I did before – ramble about my thoughts and feelings, places I’ve been, vegan food I’ve eaten – basically things I’ve enjoyed, aaand perhaps some things I haven’t!

It feels like the time to come back into the Blogosphere:

  • nearly everyone I know who creates content is feeling the strain of social media. How temperamental and tumultuous things like: following, reach, engagement, and vanity metrics, can be. Feeling stunted when you work really hard to create content isn’t fun, so a creative outlet not owned by a billionaire seems like a positive thing to fall back in love with!
  • so that I have something that I own entirely and can (in theory) continue to grow, without relying on algorithms and weird rules (insta blocked me from commenting for 24 hours this week, who knows why?). I don’t want to live in fear that if something were to go wrong there I would lose a big part of my social presence, and sharing real and relatable things I get up to, and people seem to enjoy hearing about, too! But I mean we still  do have SEO, etc to think about here – wish me luck with that!
  • ever green, easy to find content is important! Although both insta and tik tok have better search functionality than they once had, many people (especially millennial and older) will still go to google to find out about stuff. So if there’s useful info I have to share, may as well tell you about it here, too!

Feels poignant to do this now…

I started this blog when I left Brighton many moons ago, in my mid 20’s to live in the big smoke (London), and start my career (in Music and Social Media). It was a way to show friends & family back home what I was up to and from that my socials grew. My socials do still grow (albeit slowly), and life is still fun and busy, and there are so many things I wanna talk about!

Now I’m sarting the blog up again after a recent move (back) to Brighton where I grew up. Where I have rekindled old friendships, fallen back in love with the city, and got closer with family, in particular  lovely mum. We have even started a travel series with her on insta, the first was Cambridge, and most recently Wales.

I’m not entirely sure who’s going to be reading this at first other than my mum, and perhaps one of my lovely bosses from many moons ago when I first moved to London (Abi if you’re reading this, hope you & the fam are good)… But if you’re reading this, whether you know me IRL or not, thank you for being here (and do check me out on the other platforms too, I’m @luisachristie everywhere)

Blogs aren’t dead, the Blogosphere is very much alive and I’m seeing so many creators get stuck in again, so let’s do this!

Luisa x

Luisa-Christie stands in front of the i360 on Brighton Beach (which is covered in pebbles). There is a beautiful sunset behind her. She wears a long black and red dress, red Dr Martens and has her arms out, and a big grin on her face.

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