She’s back (again)…

After a brief 18 month (lol), unintentional hiatus, she’s back again… She being me… And this is the second time I’ve had a long unexpected hiatus without an explanation (read about the first time here).

Long Caption Crew ’til I die

I love writing and I’m regularly part of the Long Caption Crew™ on instagram. I’m just a bit pants when it comes to sitting down and writing an actual blog. Something about the permanence of it (still) freaks me out, more than an instagram caption does, which writing it out, I realise is incredibly silly. Instagram captions are permanent too…

Hair Change (again)

Since I last posted on here, my hair has changed a bit as you’ll see from the photo. I’ve still got a bit of blue, but with the addition of purple and pink (I’m still getting my hair done by the wonderful Mitch Zidu, at the the salon he owns in Stoke Newington: Colourbox London)! I absolutely love being a 30 year old mermaid.

Introducing my new baby: Loud Cat Social

Despite the global pandemic, I’ve been keeping busy both on and offline. One of my biggest pieces of news is that I’ve founded a company: Loud Cat Social. It’s an Influencer Marketing Consultancy and Strategy agency (currently a one woman team)! I help brands (particularly music industry clients) cut through social media noise & get heard. So far I’m keeping my head above water with it all, check back end of the year and we’ll see how I’m doing then, haha…

Coming Soon…

I’ve got some collabs coming (very) soon on here. And a new blog header too (it’s being designed by the amazing Sundaze Store who I found accidentally on etsy earlier this year whilst finding more prints for my gallery wall), I can’t wait to show you.

Bye for now

Lastly a shout-out to my talented friend & photograpger Amy Davies for the gorgeous photo I’ve used for this post (she’s Brighton based and available to hire for weddings, engagements, fashion and products)!

Luisa x

Luisa-Christie Brighton Beach West Pier Amy Davies

Photo by Amy Davies

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