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2020 has been incredibly different to how everyone expected, and it’s meant a lot of us have spent more time inside our homes. In turn many of us have been making them much nicer with artwork (whilst still dreaming of adventures). I’ve focussed some of my time curating a gallery wall in my bedroom, which is coming along quite nicely! Even more so now I have Travel Memories on the wall too…

Luisa-Christie My Picture Canvas Review

I’ve been wanting to get a canvas made of one of my fondest family travel memories: when I was in Albania at the end of 2018 with my mum and dad at the beautiful Blue Eye in Albania. I felt so invigorated being there amongst nature at the natural blue spring water, I thought it was the perfect image to have printed onto a canvas to put on my bedroom wall. The photo I decided to get printed is one my mum took when we were admiring the view after I had gone for a dip (and for the purpose of these product photos I just had to get the blue galaxy swimsuit on again – check out my instagram for another photo).

Luisa-Christie My Picture Canvas Review

Mum & I often talk about that trip, and we had planned another short break with my dad again this year. Although sadly it was just as the pandemic hit the UK, and it had to be cancelled. So a memory of that fun time we all spent together seemed like the perfect thing to get printed onto a canvas for the wall that I look at nearly every day whilst working from home.

Luisa-Christie My Picture Canvas Review

My-Picture very kindly let me surprise my mum with two items too. I got her a matching canvas with the photo she took. As well as a smaller square one with a photo of some rainbow makeup I did in 2019 that I knew she loved, to match another small square she had printer last year… Now she just needs to find a spot to put them up! She experimented with a couple of spots around the house. Which is your favourite, in the lounge, or bedroom? (Thank you to one of the lovely neighbours that lives across the street for getting the pictures of mum you see in this blog).

Luisa-Christie My Picture Canvas Review   Luisa-Christie My Picture Canvas Review

Something like this could be the perfect personalised gift to get for your loved ones this Christmas to remember special travel memories before 2020 (you could also make a custom face mask or two). Head to to browse all of the products they have available (including blankets, rugs, cushions, small photo tiles and puzzles). If you decide to get a canvas, make sure you use my discount code LUISACHRISTIE15 for 15% all canvases! 

Luisa x

Luisa-Christie My Picture Canvas Review

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