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Let’s talk about vegan sweets for a minute… In my experience they are huuugely hit and miss. Sometimes they taste incredible and sometimes they have the strangest flavours and textures! However I recently came across Sweet Lounge on twitter and absolutely loved the look of their sweets. After reading through the about section on their website to see what the company was about, I knew I had to do a collab post with them. I’ll also be including some of the things they sent me in a giveaway coming v. soon too…

Sweet Lounge UK infographic vegan vegetarian halal kosher sweets

Sweet Lounge very kindly sent me 3 different packets of sweets, some to try and some to giveaway:

~ Pebble Beach: Avola almonds encased in a sugar candy layer.
~ Crystal Raindrops: drops with a thin sugar layer, filled with fruity flavoured liquid.
~ Vegan Fruity Pillows: juicy, berry flavoured jelly sweets.

It was a little tricky deciding which I was going to keep for myself, but in the end I couldn’t resist opening and trying the sweets in the ‘Pebble Beach’ box. They reminded me of the stones you can find in my home town on Brighton beach! Initially it was a little disconcerting biting into a pebble, but thankfully I didn’t chip a tooth and they were crispy and delicious. The Avola almonds inside were so smooth and tasty too.

The Sweet Lounge company is run by a 21 year old called Greta who started out as a young entrepreneur opening her first business at just 16 years old! I absolutely love how much the company care about the packaging they use, ensuring it can all be recycled and reused. There’s even an adorable infographic on their website (which you can see below) with suggestions of how to reuse the box. I think I’m going to plant myself a little cactus to have on my desk at work! They also never send paper invoices (unless requested) – doing their bit to help save the trees.

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Sweet Lounge specialise in Vegan, Vegetarian or Halal and Kosher Certified sweets, and everything is clearly labelled on the website. All of their luxury sweets are sourced from around the world, and they even sell some chocolates covered in pure silver! Perfect fancy adult treats to gift someone special (or spoil yourself, why not?).

Check out the full range of vegan sweets available on their website!

Sweet Lounge UK infographic vegan vegetarian halal kosher sweets

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