Luisa versus Pizza | Morelli Zorelli, Hove

On New Years Day, the very first day of Veganuary, I was a little delicate from quite a late night & craving pizza big time. I asked a Vegan friend for recommendations in Brighton – Morelli Zorelli popped up, but sadly they were either closed or couldn’t deliver to me at that time… However all was not lost! Coincidentally Morelli Zorelli reached out to me on Twitter after seeing my Jojo’s Gelato blog a few days later, & offered me some free food  in exchange for an honest blog review, next time I was visiting Brighton.

Morelli Zorelli Vegan Pizza Brighton Hove Morelli Zorelli Vegan Pizza Brighton Hove

Morelli Zorelli is a lovely pizza place, on the corner of Brunswick Street West  in Hove. (I’m a little bit gutted as I used to go to BIMM, which is on this very street, incredibly envious of the uni students that get to go there on their lunch breaks!) They do delivery, takeaway and there’s even a cute little seating area downstairs (which fits around 20 people) if you fancy sitting down! There’s a real family vibe to the place, it’s quite small (and I understand they can get quite busy), and you can watch your pizza being made behind the counter – which I’m always a fan of, feels quite authentic. The staff were friendly and accommodating (even when I asked too many questions!).

The place is a mixture of a restaurant/cafe/takeaway and they sell a whole range of products: Organic & Vegan Drinks, Desserts & Sides Dishes, and of course what they’re best know for: Artisan Sour Dough Pizza, available in Vegan & Gluten Free options!

Morelli Zorelli Vegan Pizza Brighton Hove

The 20″ Pizza: Vegan Chicken & Pesto

Toppings: Vegan mozzarella (Cheezly), vegan chicken (Vbites), vegan pesto, black olives, marinated artichokes (which I substituted for caramelised onions), and fresh rocket.

I mean, it would be rude not to start with the mammoth 20″ pizza, right… And where do I start? I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, vegan cheese can be pretty hit & miss, and I was also aware a friend of mine isn’t the biggest fan of ‘Cheezly’ cheese. But, I went in not expecting to love it or hate it… Aaand I loved it. The slices were HUGE, so had to be sort of folded in half to be picked up. The base was soft, but not not stodgy. And the crusts were crispy, but also a little chewy – just how I like it.

Toppings wise, the addition of Vegan chicken was absolutely lovely (previous Vegan pizzas I’ve had haven’t had any “meat substitutes”), and something I would most definitely have again, or replicate myself if I were to make my own pizza at home. I’ve noticed a lot of pizza places putting rocket on top of pizza’s, which I’m pretty into as a massive rocket lover (even when it’s  a little wilted from from being in a warm box for a while).

Morelli Zorelli Vegan Pizza Brighton Hove

The Cheese Twists: Twisted Dough Balls

I’ll be totally honest, these didn’t really look like twists, nor dough balls, but they did taste pretty damn good & the “cheese” in these (Cheezly’s Mozarella) was melty in amongst the dough. There was also the option to get these with Cheese + Mushroom/(Vegan) ham… I don’t like mushrooms and have never tried Vegan ham so decided to keep it simple and just go with cheese.

Morelli Zorelli Vegan Pizza Cheese Twists

The Nutella Calzone: Nutella Pizza Dessert

Okay, this was straight up delicious! I sorta wish I had eaten it fresh as it was a little chewy around the edges by the time I was ready for dessert, I think some Booja Booja Vegan Ice cream on the side (which Morelli Zorelli also sell) to moisten it up a bit would have been a good call… Will have to remember that for next time!

(The Vegan option doesn’t have “real” Nutella in, they use a chocolate spread from Plamil… However it could have fooled me, the taste was exactly as I remember!)

Morelli Zorelli Vegan Pizza Nutella Calzone

So there you have it, Luisa versus Pizza, and Pizza most definitely won. However, I’m not complaining because it meant that Easter Bank Holiday Weekend midnight snacks were sorted & 3 days later, we finally finished the incredible mountain of delicious food.

The only little qualm with the meal is that my mum’s house in Hangleton was a little too far for them to deliver, so we had to drive down to collect it ourselves. If you’re looking to order, make sure you call in advance to check that you’re within the delivery zone so as to avoid disappointment.

Massive thanks to the wonderful people at Morelli Zorelli for contacting me & for all of the delicious food!! I still can’t quite believe the overwhelming feast we had. I’m looking forward to ordering from there again sometime 🙂


This was a free of charge meal provided in exchange for a review, however this has not affected the content of this post which is an honest reflection of my experience.

If Brighton is a little far for you, but the thought of pizza is making you hungry, check out Basilico for tasty Vegan pizza in London, delivered to your door! Or you can go in and make your own pizza fresh, at PizzaBuzz in East London!)

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