FIREZZA | Vegan Pizza in Soho – London

A little while ago, thanks to the lovely Haydy, I was invited to head along to the bloggers launch event of the new first ever sit down restaurant from Firezza on Dean Street, in Soho! More and more pizzerias in London are catering to vegans and I knew Firezza already delivered great vegan pizza across their 22 in branches in London and UK, so was excited to hear they were opening a sit down location too. It was great to head down, so soon after the restaurant opened and try out one of their vegan pizzas. As someone who used to work in central I’m pretty sure there wasn’t anywhere you could get a vegan pizza in Soho before… Until now!

Firezza Vegan Pizza in Soho London

When I arrived at the event I was taken straight to where the pizzas are made, to choose my toppings! I like that you can see your pizza being created, and all of the staff look like they are genuinely happy to be there. They were also so helpful and accommodating from the moment I walked through the door, the place has a really lovely atmosphere.

Firezza Vegan Pizza in Soho London

After chatting through which vegetables I did and didn’t like, my pizza was prepared and brought to my table… And oh my gosh, it really was so tasty! The toppings I went for were: vegan cheese, artichoke, aubergine, sundried tomatoes and basil. I’ve also gotta say: I was pleasantly surprised with the vegan cheese. It was melty and subtly cheesy, tasted quite like “real” mozarella actually. Unlike some of the more over-powering fake cheese flavoured vegan options out there!

Although my pizza was complimentary, you can get one from just £5.95, depending on the toppings, etc. Thought it also work mentioning that if you do visit: vegan cheese is available to have on your pizza at no extra charge (yay)! Pizza’s can also be ordered by the metre, which is pretty magical…

Firezza Vegan Pizza in Soho London

There’s never been a better time to be a vegan in London. With places like Firezza popping up all over the place, I’m so lucky to live in such a great place where there’s so much variation of tasty, and easily accessible vegan food.

As well as Firezza for Vegan Pizza in Soho, there’s also a few other Vegan friendly restaurants nearby, including: Mildreds, Tibits and Ethos… Or if you’re in a rush, why not check out London’s first Veggie Pret!

Check out Firezza’s website for more info about the food they serve and the other locations you can find them. And in the meantime, here I am looking a little shiny, and incredibly excited for my Vegan pizza.

Firezza Vegan Pizza in Soho London

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  1. Simone Walton says:

    Now that looks like a real vegetable meal ! and it’s a pizza. I look forward to visiting when next in Soho London.

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