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This year my visit to Olympia Beauty was much briefer than the last time I went, but I still got a good mini haul of vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics. Rather than going down on the Sunday as I had before, I was waiting to start a new job the following week, so headed down on the Monday instead as thought it could be a little quieter! Armed with a good Spotify playlist, I was ready browse a few vegan and cruelty free (CF) brands that I knew would be there, and hopefully not spend too much money! Check out this post for what I picked up, including: NYX, DR Paw Paw, Kryolan & Glitter!

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One of the first posts I wrote when I set up this blog (check it out here) was a rather large one about every single brand¬†I looked at/spoke to (let alone bought from) at Olympia Beauty and particularly focused on the glitter I had bought¬†for Glastonbury festival that year…¬†I was there for about 5/6 hours on the Sunday with some of my friends and spent hours chatting to brands, trying new makeup bits, and speaking to the NYX girls (who also gave us a huge goody bag of stuff each).

olympia beauty black milk green galaxy gel nail varnish metallic statement nail
As soon as I arrived this time around, my first realisation was that I had missed the blogger beauty awards/panel talks and the NYX set up which is where I was able to speak to some of the lovely NYX makeup artists, and I got an awesome¬†bag of freebies last year, so that was a little disappointing… However I didn’t have long to peruse so decided not to be disheartened and my¬†first stop was to get a free manicure at the Blue Sky stand from a lovely girl called Keziah. I forgot to¬†write down the name of the colour, but I opted for a pastel green (very similar to Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in ‘Sugar Apple’) with two metallic nails (an effect created with some magical silver powder) – serious mermaid vibes.


olympia beauty black milk green galaxy nyx make-up
Last year the queue for NYX was huge and I knew I wanted some bits (at the discounted show prices) so as soon as my nails were done, I headed straight there! I’m a big fan of the brand as their products are mostly vegan, and entirely CF. My haul was a small ‘un, but a good ‘un – with a few things I had wanted for a while!

To find out what I thought about the NYX products I bought, check out my full mini haul blog here!!

For a full range of NYX’s products, check out their website here, or¬†check out the NYX range Boots have to offer here!


olympia beauty black milk green galaxy dr paw paw
Dr. Paw Paw is a brand I was introduced to last year, but by the time I had found them I was all out of money! I was pleased to find them early on at the expo this time around to get a couple of bits. ¬†The brand’s products use a variety of natural ingredients including fermented Pawpaw (which has been found to have natural healing qualities) which is the fruit of the plant Carica Papaya.
7 in 1 Hair Treatment Styler (RRP £12.99) РThis 150ml hair treatment was an instant buy for me as I had been on the lookout for a new Vegan + CF product to put in my hair when wet to stop frizz when I french plait it wet, or before blow drying it. The 7 features this product boasts include heat protection, and reduction of frizz!

Multipurpose Soothing Balm, Limited Edition Red Sparkle¬†(RRP ¬£6.95) – I’m not going to lie, I was drawn to this as opposed to thother colours they had available, due to the “Limited Edition” and “Sparkle” in the title (I’m such a sucker for marketing), and the suggestion it could also be used on the cheeks and d√©colletage.

Check out my Dr. Paw Paw First Impressions post to find out what I thought of the products I purchased!

In a moment of loss of brain power, I’m not entirely sure what the show prices for each of these items were, however there was definitely¬†a bit of discount off of the RRP!¬†For a full range of Dr Paw Paw’s products, check out the website here.


olympia beauty black milk green galaxy kryolan make-up glitter freebies
Polyester Glimmer Fine, Pearl Green (Show Price ¬£5.50 / RRP ¬£6.30) –¬†Last year I spent a lot of time admiring all the coloured glitters at the Kryolan stand, but didn’t buy anything. This year I thought I would treat myself to a little pot of mermaid-esque sparkles. Sadly, I couldn’t get a photo that did the beautiful shimmer any justice, but if you can imagine a translucent ivory/silver with a teal/pastel green sheen, then you’re on the right track. I really love how fine the glitter is, and it’s great knowing that because it’s polyester based, it’s safe to wear¬†around my eyes.
I also got a couple of freebies in my bag, in the form of ¬†Dermacolour Camouflage & Lipstick Matte tester pots. I’ve not tried this yet, but I’m looking forward to giving them a go!
For the full range or Kryolan products, check out the website here.


olympia beauty black milk green galaxy silver glitter
‘Temporary Tattoo Store’ Glitter
Chunky Glitter (Show Price ¬£1.50 / RRP ¬£1.75) – last year I left with a bag of glitters from this stall. They were so well priced and so sparkly, with a proper holographic shine. When I passed the stall again this year I couldn’t help but buy a little pot of silver chunky glitter – perfect for festival season next year!
For the full range of colours/shapes they have available, check out the website here.
That’s all for now – full blog about my NYX mini haul coming soon.
If you enjoyed this, check out last years post about Olympia Beauty, or the time I went to Vegfest at the Olympia.
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