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A little while ago when I was first contacted by Frezyderm to see if I would like to review their Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF 50+ I was a little dubious due to never actually hearing of the brand before, but after doing a bit of digging I found out that’s because they’re pretty new to British Shores, despite the company being around for 30 years! They’re quite a big deal in Europe already, having been awarded 7 awards in the past 7 years, including the prestigious Prix De Beaute competition, so they must be doing something right!


Frezyderm Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF 50+

Okay, as someone that lives in the U.K. you might think it’s weird posting about sun cream in October… However I’ve seen an increasing number of people on my social media news feeds posting about booking holidays in the coming months to get some “winter sun”, along with a few sharing videos of tropical getaway videos and pictures – clearly getting some inspiration of where to book next years holiday!

I wasn’t lucky enough to leave the country this summer to get any exotic sun, however I tested the sun cream on the sunny days in August & September at festivals in the UK and was pretty happy with the results!

Most of my friends already know about my fear of velvet (I know very silly ‘ey), so as you can imagine I was a little dubious due to the fact it had velvet in the name, however it’s very smooth and feels a little serum-like, but without the oily residue (in fact it actually absorbs excess oil on the skin, as opposed to some of the usual oily sun creams I’ve tried in the past). I mostly used this product as a primer before putting on my makeup, and there’s no white residue that you find so often in sun creams, and left my skin feeling fresh, matte and smooth!

Frezyderm sources and uses the highest quality raw materials available, making all the products effective and safe, completely paraben and fragrance free, and best of all it’s entirely Vegan and Cruelty-Free! Our skin is an organ and is so important for our well being. So many people dismiss the idea of sun cream and don’t even bother thinking about it, but looking after our bodies with good quality products is something I am realising more and more as I get older – better late than never I suppose!

If this Frezyderm Sun Screen sounds like something you would like to get in preparation for some sun, you can buy it here. You can also check out the full range of Frezyderm’s health care products here.


This was sent to me by Frezyderm for free in exchange for a blog review. This has in no way affected the content of this post, which is a true reflection of my opinion of the product.

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