Exploring the Highlights of Southern India

India is a stunning country that contains multitudes – to say the very least, as well. India’s popularity as a global holiday destination is growing, as more and more people discover the sheer beauty that can be found throughout India’s various different states.

Many, naturally, find themselves heading to the ‘Golden Triangle’ – a trifecta of world-famous destinations that carry much of India’s international image. There is much more to discover, though, in India’s southern states. What follow are some of the highlights, from scenic beaches to verdant national parks and well beyond. Will you join us?


Kerala is a gift of a state, even if only for the culinary gifts it has sent our way – but the state itself is so much more than the form of its cuisine. Let’s start with Periyar National Park, a beautiful home to a menagerie of majestic animals: tigers, elephants, and yet more besides. Escorted tours to India will take you to lesser-trodden paths too, giving you stunning opportunities to explore Kerala’s waterways.

Tamil Nadu 

Tamil Nadu sprawls across the south-eastern tip of the Indian sub-continent, describing a large portion of its coastline and sharing India’s nose only with Kerala. This state is a must-visit for its intense and expressionist architecture, with temples that tower over you in glorious and maximalist technicolour. 

The most famous of these is the Meenaskshi Temple, found in the temple city of Madurai. This temple has stood for nearly a millennium, with gopurams added periodically as new dynasties came and went – making for a truly edificial experience.


Karnataka is home to Bangalore, a city which practically precedes itself. Bangalore is well worth visiting Karnataka for alone, thanks to its busy streets and busier nightlife; come to explore the unique modern infrastructure, and stay to get lost in its night-time milieu.

Outside of this thriving urban metropolis, Karnataka is a must-visit for its rural coffee plantations, the source of some of the best brews you’ll find on the continent. These plantations stipple the state’s landscape, as do the humbling ruins of the Vijayanagar Empire.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh sits north of Tamil Nadu, chasing up India’s eastern coast all the way to Brahmapur. This expansive state is a particularly great state to visit for its beaches, with Rama Krishna Beach being a particularly picturesque place to watch the sun set.

Andhra Pradesh is also, naturally, a state with a great degree of history to its land. The Veerabhadra Temple is a particularly impactful destination, for its mid-1500s construction and artworks and for the beauty of its surrounding landscape.


Telangana is a unique southern-Indian destination to visit, on account of being a very particular melding of new and old. It has its own fair portion of cultural and religious history, but its prosperity has enabled it to develop in ways unique to the southern-central state; for one, Telangana is home to one of the world’s largest film studios!

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