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I’m a sucker for creative and personalised gifts. Not necessarily the kind of gift that has your name on, but the kind that means something special, and that you might not have bought for yourself… So when I heard about Vinyl Clocks thanks to a fellow blogger and good friend – Haydy, I loved the concept instantly.

Vinyl Clocks Music Memories Made in Britain

After giving Haydy a list of artists/albums that I was a fan of to pass on to Tim (the man behind Vinyl Clocks) I waited patiently for mine to arrive. The list I sent included other artists such as the Beatles (I’m a big fan of the ‘Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album), Paramore, Elvis Presley, Diana Ross and Panic! at the Disco (I’m quite a big fan of them, as you might remember from this blog). Following an excited message from Tim asking me to let him know when I received it – I knew it was going to be something amazing!

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I can’t tell you how happy I was when I opened the box to be greeted by Lady Gaga’s beautiful face. I’ve always been a pop fan and been particularly fascinated by Lady Gaga. Memories of sitting in the library at university surrounded by books about feminism and contemporary music whilst I wrote an essay about Gaga came flooding back to me. Followed by memories of two amazing nights I had seen her perform at the o2 Arena for her Monster Ball tour with friends.

A very happy young Luisa after the first time seeing Lady Gaga live at her 'Monster Ball' tour in 2010.

A very happy young Luisa after the first time seeing Lady Gaga live at her ‘Monster Ball’ tour in 2010.

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find that unique, personal present for someone special. Music is such a powerful medium & the idea of immortalising it (for the duration of a persons lifetime at least) within something that will come in handy on any day, and at any time is quite wonderful. A song or an album, can take you back to a time, a place, and make you feel a plethora of emotions. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Vinyl Clocks Lady Gaga Love Game Music Memories Vinyl Clocks Lady Gaga Love Game Music Memories

Prices for the clocks range from £14.95 to £149.95 (with the latter not being a common cost, in this case it’s due to the clock being made out of an incredibly rare Oasis disc), and if they don’t have an artist/album of your preference available, there’s a request section on the website. There are also gift vouchers available on the site, if you can’t decide on which vinyl.

The mechanism in the clock is an EZ Quartz Sweep movement, which means that although the clock isn’t totally silent, there is no “Tick Tock”. The second hand moves smoothly, rather than in one second steps.

For delivery, the clocks are packaged beautifully in a gift box to ensure there’s no damage whilst in the post and tested for 24 hours before being sent out to their new homes. Check out this page on the website all about the clocks, including some videos too from “Behind The Scenes”.

The only vaguely negative thing I have to say about my clock is that I think the red second hand on the clock face, clashes a little with the colouring of the vinyl and is quite hard to see when up on the wall.

The clock now has pride of place next to my bed, and if the picture below is anything to go by, Ozma (my housemates cat) definitely approves. And one last thing, which I think is pretty magical: I understand that the vinyl is still playable if you remove the clock bit. Now, I don’t have a record player, but if I ever get one, we all know the first record I’ll play will be Lady Gaga’s ‘Love Game’.

Vinyl Clocks Cat Bedroom Lady Gaga Wall Clock

Shout out to Haydy (who blogs over at Squibb Vicious – check her out) for sorting out all the logistics of this; And to Tim who runs everything over at Vinyl Clocks and has been so so helpful – consistently brilliant customer service (+ answering all my questions super speedily so I could put this blog together). I will definitely be purchasing a Vinyl Clock as a gift in the future, I think it’s a perfect present. Have a browse of the Vinyl Clocks website here!


Disclaimer: this product was sent to me free of charge in exchange for a blog review. This has in no way affected my perception of the product or the content of my blog post.

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  1. Aleeha says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so cool! My friend would absolutely love one of these!
    Aleeha xXx

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